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~~~~~~Some Banquet Hall in NY~~~~~~

STARK Industries was holding a annual dinner party and of course Tony had invited the Avengers to the event. You were not pleased with having to be forced to go and as Tony put it “you’ll love it, it will be fun.” Well you were not having fun, everyone was just standing around drinking and talking about stocks. Steve, Clint, Sam, Thor and Bucky didn’t seem comfortable either. Natasha and Bruce had been mingling like they were naturals. Bruce being a scientist was talking to some of the investors about the improvements in STARK’s R and D labs, while Natasha made simple conversation with some wealthy individuals. Of course Tony was MIA and no were to be found.

“I want to leave, there are better things I could be doing.” You voiced while sipping on your Bloody Mary.

“I second that.” Clint piped up ordering anther drink.

“Tony invited us so as his friends we have an obligation to be here, you know for Tony.” Steve struggled a bit with his words.

“Uh Steve you don’t like Tony, he is always ragging on you and you get really annoyed with him. What’s with the “it’s our duty” crap you pulling.” You along with the rest on the guys shot him a look.

“How are they doing that? Bruce is always so cautious and Natasha I get she’s a superspy but jeez it’s almost like she’s one of them.” Sam said turning everyone’s attention towards Bruce and Nat.

“Maybe we should leave like (y/n) said before. We don’t belong here and no one knows where Stark went?” Bucky shifted on the bar stool rechecking that his glove was still covering his hand.

Everyone just sighed not knowing what to do next. This was going to be a long night.

“Smile for the Daily Bugle” someone out know where said and then came a flash.

It took you a minute for your eye’s to adjust. When you could finally see again a sharply dressed photographer was standing in front of you.

“Peter…you very lucky I don’t have my gear with me or else I would have made you hurt.” You laughed a little

“Oh come on I couldn’t resist you looked so down I figured I’d do something to make you smile.” He smiled at you.

“Down isn't the feeling it’s more like bored, I don’t want to be here…” you were interrupted.

“(y/n) You know this fellow with the suns power?” Thor towered over Peter.

“Thor he’s ok and yes I know him and that’s a camera it’s a machine that takes you picture there is no harm in it.” You got between the guys.

Thor along with the guys to relax again as you turned towards Peter.

“Let me guess your working that’s why you’re here instead of zipping around the city.” You said jokingly.

“Still need to pay my bills, wish my zipping paid well. Ironman does very well for himself.” He laughed

“Tony was rich before he was Ironman, he doesn’t get paid to be a hero though I think he believes he does. Steve, Bucky Sam, Clint and Thor are real hero’s. These guys rock.” You said glancing back to see the guys blush a little.

“Ah be we must not forget you. You truly are great hero as well Lady (y/n)” Thor bellowed.

“Hey hey why are we talking about hero’s in front of this guy. He works for the media we can just openly reveal secrets.” Clint got defensive.

“Clint relax he’s one of us, I’m just not going to tell you who he really is.” You teased.

“Nice, thanks (y/n) but anyway you said you were bored. I saw a DJ booth setup on the other side of the room. The DJ has only been playing classical instrumental stuff…” Peter stopped when you grabbed your clutch off the bar.

“Why don’t we shake things up a bit.” You pulled out your iPod.

You followed Peter through the crowd leaving the utterly confused guys behind. You reached the booth.

“Hey DJ change of plans it’s time to wake up these lumps of money bags.” You said grabbing his headphones and push him aside.

Peter helped you plug in your iPod, you scrolled down to “Party Tunes” then grabbed the mic.

“Ladies and Gentlemen hope you all enjoyed your meal but now it’s time to have some fun. Tonight’s entertainment has been provided to by the lovely Tony Stark. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!” You dropped the mic and hit play.

“Can’t Control Myself” by Krewella blasted through the speakers. You handed the headphones to Peter and run to the dance floor. You started moving as people just stared. Out of the corner of your eye you saw red, turning you saw Natasha join you. She smiled at you and you nodded, a few others joined as the song changed “Get on your Feet” by Gloria Estefan as you ran back to the booth and grabbed the mic again.

“Come On!! Everyone grab somebody get them to the dance floor!!” You said pumped.

Now more people were getting out on the dance floors while others took pictures and clapped. “Danza Kuduro” started played and you were ready dancing next to Natasha the crowd was energized. You looked around and found Sam amongst the crowd but the other guys were still at the bar. Bruce watched in amusement and Peter had fun maning the DJ Booth with the help of the DJ now. “Spring Love 2013” played and now everyone was enjoying themselves, you felt the wave of emotions after all that was gift you had. You ran over to the booth again and whisper something to Peter, he nodded in confirmation. You then ran all the way to the bar where the guys were.

“Ok guys I see Sam, Natasha, and Bruce are having fun. Time for the rest of you to as well. Come on.” You gestured them to follow you.

“I don’t dance” Clint quickly replied.

“I don’t know the proper movement for this ceremony.” Thor said.

“This is not my kind of music.” Steve said

“I haven’t danced in a long time, I don’t even think I can anymore.” Bucky shrugged.

You stood in front of the guys determined.

“Look at me all of you.” You said getting their attention.

As they made eye contact you sent out emotions of encouragement, relaxation, and fun.

“No fair (y/n) you can’t do that.” Steve said smiling.

“Well I just did so come on guys.” You said laughing.

All at once you had them follow you to the dance floor, you grabbed Bruce along the way and plucked Natasha from the crowd. You signaled Peter and he played the next song “Cha Cha Slide”

“Just follow me if not listen to the song and follow the instructions.” You said.

The crowd made a circle around your group. You began to clap along and so did the crowd. As the lyrics began you did every step and the guys followed along. Clumsily at first then with more rhythm they nailed the steps. You beckoned more people to join and soon the floor was packed once again. You gestured to Peter to throw you the mic, which he did.

“Is everyone having a great time!” you exclaimed.

The answer was the roar of the crowd and hell yeahs.

“Good because we are not done yet! Peter I think it’s time for some Macerena!” you said.

Once the slide was done the familiar song played. Again you led to avengers minus Tony and the crowd in the dance. You looked around to see everyone having a good time. To bad Tony was missing out this was his kind of party. A few more of your songs on your playlist played. You taught the guys how to cotton eye joe, Thor found the moves to be amusing.

“Now how did you get these boys to dance?” Natasha asked.

“I just have a way with words.” You smiled slyly.

“She used her power on us but it’s not like we could say no to a pretty lady.” Steve said.

“I didn't set my power a to 100% it was like 25% the rest was all you guys.” You blushed.

“You got us to have though so that’s what counts.” Clint gave a small grin.

“I haven’t moved like that in years.” Bucky said.

“This is way better than being an assassin isn’t” you said

Bucky chuckled and nodded.

“Well it’s time to play one more song and send these party animals home. Still no sign of Tony?” you asked.

Everyone shook their heads. Oh well it was Tony lose. You went back out to the dance floor.

“Alright everybody it’s that time! The last dance of the evening, this song is for everyone to dance to so anyone who was seating get up and shuffle!!” You yelled.

The DJ took your que and played the “Cupid Shuffle”. Getting in front of the crowded you danced the moves as Natasha along with everyone matched you step for step. Peter came out of the booth and joined in.

“You know how to make a party come to life you know that.” Peter said over the music.

“You forget I can alter emotions buddy.” You laugh in response.

When the song was over everyone clapped and cheered. As everyone began to leave people came up to you and thanked you for a great time.

“Stark needs to have more dinner parties like this, you did a great job young lady.” An older gentlemen said shaking your hand.

Once everyone had gone you went to retrieve your iPod.

“Now I was hoping to have gotten to dance with you more tonight.” Peter propped himself next to the booth.

“Stick to web swinging ok, trying to pick me up isn’t what your good at.” You laughed.

“Aw now that hurts, I feel the rejection and pain and depression starting to over take.” Peter did a fainting gesture.

“Oh please but just to make sure.” You made eye contact and sent happy and calm emotions.

“That feels so cool…do again.” Peter joking said.

“You’re an ass” you punched his arm.

“HEY WHERE DID EVERYONE GO!” someone exclaimed.

You looked over to see Tony enter the room.

“Tony everyone went home do you even know what time it is?” Natasha said.

“I only stepped out for a minute to seal my deal with my European partners for another Tower and OH MY GOD THAT’S THE TIME!!” Tony looked at his watch.

“You missed one hell of a party.” Clint commented

“What…what are you talking about? These dinner things are boring and mostly rich guys talking about money.” Tony looked confused.

“Well not tonight (y/n) changed the mood and had this awesome dance party going. It was like being in a very rich club and she got these guys to dance.” Sam said pointing at the rest of the guys.

“That’s not fair! I missed out on the good stuff while I was handling business” Tony began to sulk.

“She’s one hell of a party started I’ll give her that.” Peter patted your back.

“I cannot believe I missed out and… who the hell are you?” Tony questioned.

“Oh I’m Peter Parker, photographer for the Daily Bugle. I’m also a friend of (y/n).” Peter replied.

“She never mentioned you before but whatever I to upset about missing the party to even bother with you.” Tony made his way out of the room.

“Are you going to change his mood?” Steve asked.

“Nope that’s what he gets for forcing us to come then leaving us to fend for ourselves. Not my fault he missed the party.” You had a big smile on your face.

You said goodbye to Peter and headed back to the tower with everyone else. As the days went by Tony started receiving message about your entertaining performance the dinner also he saw videos of what he missed out on. He spent time utterly depressed and lounged about the tower regretting he left the dinner. You and the rest of the team couldn’t help but take some pleasure in his agony. You eventually changed his mood and got him back to his old self.
This was just random. I was doing work while listening to music. It was quick one shot so yeah the dialogue is pretty short for the most part. It looked better in my mind head. 

Till Next Time
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