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~~~~~Stark Tower~~~~~~

“Has anyone seen (y/n)?” Steve asked

“She’s not with you?” Clint responded.

“Well she isn’t with Bruce and I, we just came back up from the labs.” Tony sat on the couch as Bruce joined him.

“I have not seen Lady (y/n), could she be with Lady Pepper and Lady Natasha?” Thor said.

“My brother may be onto something there, (y/n) is quiet attached to those women.” Loki looked up from his book.

“Pepper is in Italy for a conference and Natasha is on mission for Director Coulson, mans it’s still weird calling him that.” Tony shook his head.

“I saw her in the elevator this morning but it looks like she was in a rush to get somewhere. I didn’t ask her anything.” Bucky said.

“I bumped into her right after that as I was walking into the lobby, she was in a big rush. I didn’t even get a ‘hello’ like I normally do.” Sam crossed his arms.

“You didn’t bother to ask said teenage where she was going in such a hurry?” Tony questioned.

“Tony she’s a senior in high school graduating with a 4.0 GPA and has never been in any real trouble. I didn’t really think she was up to something though the behavior is a little odd.” Sam responded.

“Maybe she went to meet her boyfriend or something and was running late.” Clint said.

“BOYFRIEND!?” the rest them said in unison.

“(y/n) never mentioned she had a boyfriend? How long have they been dating?” Steve said curiously.

“Steve I think he was being sarcastic.” Bucky looked at him.

“But that would explain her not being here since this morning it’s been, what?, a few hours since anyone has heard from her or saw her.” Bruce said a little concerned.

“Then shall we not go look for her!” Thor stood up.

“I agree with Thor something’s not right, if she hasn’t come back by now.” Steve stood ready to go.
“My little girl is out there somewhere with some stranger who is touching her at this very moment. ALRIGHT LETS GO SAVE HER!” Tony said running out of the room.

“He really does have an active imagination doesn’t he…” Loki got up out of his chair.

“You have no idea.” Bruce sighed following everyone out.

~~~~~~Central Park~~~~~~

“You really think they’ll like it I mean I know their not my real dads but they are the closest think to father figures that I have.” You said nervously.

“They’ll like it trust me, Natasha and I both enjoyed what you planned for us on mother’s day, it was really sweet.” Pepper gave you a warm smile.

“I’m surprised you made it out of the tower without anyone of them questioning you as to why you were leaving so early.” Natasha finished setting up the volleyball net.

“Well I ran into both Bucky and Sam but neither one of them asked my anything.” You said setting up the picnic blanket.

“Graduation is next weekend isn’t have you decided what you want do yet?” Pepper asked getting the food out for the basket.

“I actually spoke to Coulson about letting be apart of the new SHIELD. The training schools/colleges are going to re open in the fall so I’ll choose when the time gets closer.” You said cheerfully.

“You really want to be an agent, are you sure about that?” Natasha said

“Yes I’m 100% sure, I’ve been around you all long enough that I knew what I wanted to be once I was put into your care. 6yrs of me learning from you all and I truly want to protect this planet from evil and anyone who would do harm to it and the people.” You said clenching you fist.

“Spoken like a true agent in training, just don’t tell the guys yet. They are going to got nuts that you’re willing to dive head first into to danger.” Pepper said laughing a little.

The ladies helped you finish setting up the rest of your surprise picnic/BBQ for your adoptive dads. Little did you know that they were looking for you all over the city, now thinking you had been kidnapped or worse.

~~~~~~Back to the now really concerned guys~~~~~~

“We have searched everywhere, where could she be?” Steve said a little panicked now.

“I tried called her cell but there’s no answer.” Clint bringing the phone from his ear.

“It isn’t like her not to answer her phone, Tony didn’t you put an enhanced tracker in it.” Bruce looked at him.

Tony who was now in all around father panic, didn’t here what Bruce said and continued to ramble on and on about how (y/n) runaway and didn’t love them anymore and how he had spoiled her with love and affection and how he was such a bad person for never realizing she would fall in love with a bad boy.

“He really is taking this hard isn’t he.” Bucky said giving the rambling Tony a weird look.

“Lady (y/n) won’t leave us, she cares about us all.” Thor said to the group.

“Yeah she thinks highly of us I don’t know about Loki though.” Sam joked.

“Excuse me I have done nothing but care for the girl since she’s been with us and I have done nothing wrong to make her think any less of me.” Loki defended himself.

Beep beep beep….someone’s phone was going off.

Steve grabbed his phone out of his pocket and looked to see Natasha number come across the screen.

“Hey Natasha.” He answered without trying to give away that (y/n) was missing.

“Hey Steve, I need you and the rest of the guys to head over to Central Park ASAP there’s been a development.” Natasha said quickly.

“Development? Like what? Is this part of the mission you went on?” Steve questioned.

“It’s about (y/n), just get here quick I’m sending the exact location and I’ll fill you all in when you get here.” She hung up the phone.

Steve eyes were wide and he grew a little pale, you were in trouble and needed their help.

“Steve what’s wrong?” Bruce asked.

“Central Park, (y/n) is there and needs our help. Let’s go!” Steve broke off into a full sprint in the direction of the park with everyone else following.

They didn’t care that they were in their civilian attire, (y/n) needed help and there was no time to waste. Dodging cars and hooking horns they made it to the edge of the park. Steve looked at his phone to get the exact location then told the guys to follow him. Not making use of the trails they were being whacked by branches and nearly tripping over rocks, scrambling to get to the location. They emerged to see (y/n) standing there under the sun, with a big bright smile.

“Surprise! Happy Father’s Day!” you said smiling.

You looked at all the guys and noticed they were breathing heavy and their clothes were dirty.

“You…young lady…have some…explaining…wait what?” Tony emerged from the group out of breath.

“What happened to all of you why are you so dirty?” You questioned.

“That was my fault, I kind of told them you were sort a in trouble to get them here quickly.” Natasha said sitting on the blanket along with Pepper.

“You didn’t oh man HAHAHAHA!” you laugh so hard your sides were hurting.

“I don’t see how that’s funny giving we were just doing a massive manhunt for you all over NYC because we thought you were in real danger.” Clint said.

“Ok you guys still haven’t let it sink in yet so I’ll say it again. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!” you said again.

That’s when the guys just froze and let it really register what you had just said to them. They looked at one another then back at you. You had just acknowledged them as your dads something you had never done before.

“She said it again, man I think I’m going to cry.” Tony said straightening up.

“This is what I was doing for the last few hours with the help Natasha and Pepper. It’s a picnic/BBQ father’s day party for you guys.” You said still smiling,

“A day dedicated to celebrating fatherhood I did not know you had such a holiday.” Thor said.

“You guys are still in shock, I did this for you because you are the closest thing to father figures I have like Natasha and Pepper are my closest things to mother figures. For 6 yrs. you have taken care for me and within that time I added two new dads. Sam and Bucky, since I’m graduating and moving on with my life I wanted to do something big for you all as a thank you.” You got a little teary eyed.

The guys were still in total shock, frozen where they stood.

“Oh for Christ’s sake fellas the girl is pouring her heart out and telling you all she loves you and you’re still standing there like statues.” Natasha piped up.

Tony was the first one to move and bring you into a hug and the rest rushed in.

“You are absolutely the best adoptive daughter any rich person could ask for.” Tony said ruffing you hair.

“Wouldn’t Bucky and I be your grandfathers.” Steve laughed.

You laughed at the commented and brought them both into a huge hug.

“You don’t have a boyfriend right?” Clint asked before hugging you.

“No I don’t why?” you asked.

“Good.” He said slyly grinning as he hugged you.

“Nice place you picked for the this little outing.” Bruce hugged you tight.

“You need a changed of scenery from time to time.” You replied.

“Lady (y/n)!” Thor went to hug but his brother snaked in first.

“This is truly a beautiful gift to us all young one.” Loki hugged you

“Loki really now I was going to embrace young (y/n) first.” Thor had small frown on his face.

“Thor come join me and Loki then.” You opened you arm behind Loki.

“Brother don’t…” Loki was cut off as Thor came up behind and hugged you both tightly with Loki in the middle of it.

Thor put you both down and you quickly ran over to Sam giving him the last hug. You skipped over to the table and handed them their envelopes, each one contained a photo of you and them randomly taken but all of them were you smile along with them.

“Well since you guys went all over NYC to find me, whose hungry?” you looked at everyone.

They gave you nods of agreement they had worked up their hunger. You went over to the huge grill you set up. Natasha had started the coals and now you were putting burgers, hotdogs and kabobs on it.

“Oh man she’s even grilling for us this is a awesome.” Sam plopping down on the blanket.

“I had a lot of time to plan this and I also have a net set up so we can all play volleyball or badminton. There’s Frisbees for ultimate Frisbee to. You guys can stat a game while I get the food ready…” suddenly the tongs were taken out of your hand.

“Nuh uh, you go start a game with them we’ll do the cooking. Go have fun with your dads.” Pepper and Natasha nudged you.

You thanked them and grabbed the volleyball and dragged the games over to the court.

“Guys it’s simple three hits to get it over the net and work as a team. Let’s have a practice round first to see who knows the game.” You said.

You assembled teams of two so the others could observe real quickly. You served it over to Bruce and Tony. Sam was on your side and you dove as you as the ball returned to you. The quick demo was getting competitive till the ball went out.

“That was an awesome volley for a practice run, you guys now know how to play.” You point at the soldiers and gods.

They nodded and now you made bigger teams. You got the game stated and it was fun, Bucky had picked you up to have you spike the ball back on the other side. Steve had blocked the ball and you went a blocked from having it return. You all worked up quite a sweat and the ladies called you guys over to eat.

“Now were did you learn how to play like that.” Steve said breathing heavy.

“I’ve been playing volleyball since I got here. I made top 10 all star players in the state and my team made it to nationals.” You said

“How come you never said anything about your games to us?” Bruce asked.

“You guys were busy saving the world and constant missions but don’t worry Pepper and Happy filmed all the games so if you want you guys can have a movie night.” You said smiling.

“Sounds like a plan.” Sam chimed in.

Everyone grabbed their plates and filled them up then went to sit on the big blanket. You all sat and ate and exchanged stories of your time with each and every one of them.

“How about the one time she braided Thor and Loki’s hair that was adorable…”

“Halloween with her was interesting…”

“Oh and that time she needed help with her science project…”

“Flying lessons in the Ironman suit HAHA…”

“I’ve been walking her to school since I’ve got here…”

“She dry fired my bow once I think she learn her lesson…”

“Didn’t the Captain America uniform get tied dyed by accident when she was…”

“Those times she was sick and we took turns making her soup…”

There were a lot of laughs and some embarrassing moments but overall you were having the time of your life. You couldn’t ask for a better family then all of them. Once everyone finished you all rested up a bit then proceeded to have a go at ultimate Frisbee. Again like before you demo the game so everybody knew how to play and then you began the actual game. It got really intense and everyone was running all over the place, keeping up with a bunch of superheroes was exhausting but you did anyway.

“Lady (y/n)!” Thor threw the Frisbee in your direction.

You bolted for the Frisbee with the other team on your heels and when you went to catch it something unexpected happened.

“WHHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!” grabbing the Frisbee you went flying with it.

“(Y/N)!” the guys all race after you

In seconds you hit the ground Frisbee still in hand and rolled a bunch of times before stopping you back facing the guys as they came running up to you form not moving. Steve slowly turned your over.

“That’s worth 10 points, so that means my teams wins.” You muttered lifting the Frisbee from your chest.

The guys sighed in relief and helped you up, now finished with the game you all headed back to the picnic area for the final rest up before packing up and heading to the tower. You told them you want to look up at the stars with them as one big family. They liked the idea and you all watched the sunset then laid down in a circle as you stared up into the night sky. You started singing ‘We are family’ and changed up the sisters with mothers and fathers.

{Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose}

Your eyes started to close, you realized you were really tired but before you fell asleep you whispered one last thing.

“Happy Father’s Day again, I love you guys…” your let your eyes shut and dreamed.

~~~~~~~Extended Ending~~~~~~

Graduation Day

“Man they do grow up so fast.” Tony blinked away tears.

“You’re seriously crying.” Clint said

“That was amazing speech she gave.” Bruce said.

“Has she said anything about college? Has she even mentioned anything to any of you?” Steve asked.

“No I haven’t heard anything let alone seen any college mail come through the tower.” Sam said.

“She mentioned being all star in volleyball maybe she got recruited to Penn.” Clint suggested.

“With her grades any school out there will take her in a heart beat.” Tony said wiping her eyes.

“Look here she comes, roses ready guys.” Steve ordered to everyone.

You ran up in you cap and grown, diploma in hand to a bunch of well dressed men and beautiful women. All of who had a single rose ready to hand to you.

“Congratulations!” each one of them said handing you their rose and hugging you.

“Thank you all so much…” you were interrupted by your name being called.

A young guy in cap and gown came running up to you and picked you up in a hug spinning you around. You kissed him on the cheek as you congratulated each other before turning the team staring at you and the stranger.

“(y/n) who is this?” Tony cleared his throat.

“Everyone this is Peter Parker, my boyfriend.” You said through a smile.

Their expressions all changed and they crossed their arms staring at Peter.

“What are your intentions with our young (y/n)” Thor said in a deep voice.

Peter froze and you busted out laughing no longer able to contain yourself.

“You guys actually fell for it I mean the look on your faces…oh man my sides hurt.” You were laughing with tears and Peter started laughing to.

They all looked confused when you did a secret handshake with Peter.

“She asked me to pose as her boyfriend as a joke to see what your reactions would be.” Peter said.

“So this boy isn’t you mate?” Loki asked.

“No we’re best friends beside I leave for training in the fall there’s no time for relationships.” You said wiping the tears from you cheek.

“Training?” everyone raised their eyebrows except for Pepper and Natasha.

“Yeah Peter is staying here because of um…oh never mind the reason but yeah I start training and studies to be a SHIELD agent after summer break.” You stood up tall.

“Out of the question young lady.” Tony said abruptly.

“Can’t talk me out if and beside paperwork is already done and accepted. Director Coulson approved me.” you said with a sly grin.

“She is very smart.” Bruce muttered.

“How long have you two known? You don’t seem bothered by this.” Bucky pointed towards Natasha and Pepper.

“We knew since last week and stand by her choice.” They said.

“Your friend just disappeared, where’d he go?” Sam looked around for Peter.

“Um well you see you know the teenage super hero you guys are always whining about?” you said

“The dude that wears the red and blue tights and calls himself spider something.” Clint said.

“Spiderman, yeah that’s Peter…” you looked at them sheepishly.

“Are there anymore surprises that you want to let us know now before we got to dinner?” Steve sighed.

“Nope only that I love you all oh so very much.” You gave the best heart warming smile you possibly could.

“We can’t stay mad at her for the prank she just pulled or her decision to be an agent with her smiling like that at us.” Tony said totally wrapped around your finger.

“Let’s go eat then” you suggested making you way to the limo

Dinner was one the best and your summer flew by quickly. You began your journey to be an agent. With the support of your family, you never lost touch. They sent you letters, packages and called you when they could. Sometimes you would even get a surprise visit from one for them and you fellow agents in training would marvel at the fact you were raised by the avengers. They weren’t just agents and heroes to you were friends and your family.
Because it is Father's day I went ahead an wrote this. Enjoy comment if you wish

All characters copyright of Marvel (except for the reader)

Till Next Time

UPDATE: Went back through and fixed a few mistakes
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